Cabal SEA - Force Archer Guide - Aidenz Guide To Force Archer

Basic Of Force Archer Guide


Ok. Basically this guide is base on my experience with a Force Archer in CabalSEA Close Beta. The furthest I've gotten is up to level 45/Regular.
This guide will basically base on what I've done during the Close Beta testing period.

Starting As A Force Archer

1. Do the quest in available by pressing 'T'. Doing quest can guarantee you a good startup because they provide you suffiencient exp,potion,alz and information you need as a newbie.
2. Keep doing all the quest available up to level 6 - 8 if possible up to level 10.
3. At level 10, Get your combo skill by doing the quest available at your hometown(Green Despair) provided by the Instructor.

How Do I Add My Stats?

From level 1-60 you will need to follow the growth stats and between following the growth stats you need to plan your stat points on the armour or weapons you needed the most. I will advise everyone to get the stats to wear your armor first before getting stats for weapon.

How Do I Add My Skills?

Suitable Buffs for lvl 10 - 45 - Increase Armour Defence Rate & Precision (After lvl 45 you can derank your Precision to get Eagle Eye)
Suitable Upgrades - Always get the HP Upgrade as it is useful for your survival (this is the furthest I've gotten so far)
Suitable Skills - Skills that I use for fast leveling from Level 12 - 45 is Critical Shot, Universal arrow skill of your preference, Level 35 onwards after you get to Regular I get Explosion Arrow and Universal Arrow Lance skill good for grinding at Wriggleleaf as those mobs are huge enough for you to multi hit them.

Basically you can experiment your skills on your own because you can derank your skill level with alz but do take note that the higher your skill level is the more expensive the deranking will cost.

Suitable Leveling Guide For Force Archer

Ok this leveling guide is base on my experience you don't really have to follow the way I train you could explore out on your own by pressing'M' for the GPS system and tick the box 'Mark Suitable Hunting Spot' to get a rough idea on what monster your able to train on.

Level 1 - 10 - Do quest available or Fight Troglos(Green Despair) or Red Garlies(Desert Scream)
Level 10 - 14 - Train on Troglo Warriors,Troglo Elder,Dire Boar or Plant Toad(All this can be found at Green Despair)
Level 14 - 20 - Do quest available or Train on Bugzard(Green Despair) or Giant Snake(Desert Scream)
Level 20 - 25 - Train on Plant Pantherhorn,Pantherhorn,Giant Spider or Huge Spider(All this can be found at Green Despair)
Level 25 - 30 - Do quest available or Train on Mummies or Mummy Bladers(Can be found at Desert Scream)
Level 30 - 36 - Train on Mummy Bladers,Mummy Warriors or Archionis(Can be found at Desert Scream)
Level 36 - 40 - Train on Archyterix and Clay Gargoyle(Can be found at Desert Scream)
Level 40 - 45 - Train on Moscutters(Green Despair),Bitterleafs(Green Despair) or Wriggeleaf(Green Despair)
Level 45 onwards - to be continue or you can explore on your own its and intresting thing to adventure out to the unknown!

PVP For Newbies

This tips are base on my experience you don't really have to follow it but I would like to share with you all though.

PVP Basic Manners

  • Request a Duel and do not force the person to duel with you if they do not wish too!
  • Ask whether they would like to have a Aura Mode or Battle Mode PVP Style before starting. DO NOT ACTIVATE YOUR AURA MODE OR BATTLE MODE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE WHEN YOUR DYING JUST TO SAVE YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU'VE AGREED NOT TO USE IT. Its Pretty Rude to do that its like telling your opponent,"Hey I'm a sore loser so I decide to break the rule and make you lose instead".
  • Never hurl abusive languages when you've lost have some Gamemanship.

PVP Style

Ok basically this is what I do at the beginning. Make your opponent do the first move then you fade step away and activate your combo. Then start spamming your skills try not to break the combo. Practice your comboing on monster first before applying it to PVP. Basically this is my order of skill usage during combo mode. Critical Shot>Explosion Shot>Fire Lance/Freezing Lance and recycle back to the beginning. Avoid breaking your combo up to 8-10 combo where your combo skill will be ready to be used after breaking your combo reactivate your combo and start everything over again to finish your opponent. Try to quickly click your target when they have made you detargeted during your combo.

Aidenz Guide To Force Archer - Written By Aiden - Contributed By CheshireCat