Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - Screen Shot Tips

Bring out the photographer in you! Follow these simple steps to take better screen shots.

Scroll Lock. Did you know this key can hide extra details from your screen?

In default mode :

This is the usual standard screen shot.

Press Scroll Lock One Time :

Additional details are removed. Bottom bar and Stat bar are no longer there.

Press Scroll Lock Another Time :

Your character disappears. Excellent for scenery shots. Press Scroll Lock another time to return it back to the default mode.

Originally Posted by Khal
A tip, after pressing print screen, go into paint. Click edit>paste, the screenshot you took should appear. Save this as a png file. Compare the quality of this screenshot to the jpg one in the Cabal folder, the png one is sharper, brighter and alot better than the jpg one.
Credits goes to Haxer from CabalSEA forums.

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