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Method1 Fast Skill XP Farming with using Combo
This method is the fastes - you gain at level 10 a skill called "Combo Start". With this skill you are able to cast spells without the delay of casting times (so you can cast one skill right after the other)!
A little bonus at this method is that you gain a certain % of additional skill xp:

Excellent: +30% Skill XP
Good: +10% Skill XP
Bad + 0% Skill XP

When you reach your eleventh hit then the action bar becomes very little but when you reach the fifthteen hit you gain additional skill xp and your combo is shown at the right window at the bottom!

PRO Fast Rank-UP; Combo-Support; Extra Skill XP;

CONTRA You must stay at the PC; Old PC's have a low FPS rate (Frames per second) so its hard to hit the action bar after the 11th hit;

Method2 Training Dummies

Ok this is the method which needs the most time. If you are a Premium Member then you are able to use these dummies. Every city has its own 4 dummies (they stand next to the city - often outside of the town). You can train up to 30% of your Skill Rank at those dummies (after reaching lvl 90 there is another way to skill up at dummies (mentioned below). This means that for example you can skill 30 of 90 skill ups at those puppets.
To skill afk (away from keyboard) there are 2 hints:

The Press-Down-Your-Button-All-The-Time-Hint:

Just put a coin or a sheet of paper between the skillbuttons (you should add your skills to your quickslotbar before).
Example how I did it:
I putted the fastest Skill in quickslot 1 -> pinched a piece of paper between button "1" and "2" so that the button got stuck (this means the button gets pressed all the time). Now your character casts nonstop (after targeting the dummy) the same skill. Important is that the button get STUCK!

The Window-Mode-Hint:

At first you switch in window mode (Options - Graphic - Activate Window Mode). Then you target the dummy and press the quickslot button for your skill. Press the button all the time, so that your char casts nonstop. While pressing the button click outside of the window (for example at the desktop or at the toolbar). Now stop pressing the button and your char should cast nonstop without pressing a button! important is that you dont minimize the window (otherwise it will abort)!

Ingame Shop Hint:

Just press the button again like at the Window-Mode-Hint and while pressing it hit the ingameshop button (little coin at the right buttom of your toolbar).

PRO You can be afk; 1/3 of the rank can be trained

CONTRA It takes a long time because you gain less xp then with the other methods; limited to 30% of the rank (exept you are level 90+ and did the rankup quest); you HAVE to be a premium member;

NEW Method2 b) Train at dummies over 30%

Like mentioned before we are now able to skill at dummies beyond 30%. The mean thing is that you HAVE to be 90+, did the level 90 rank up quest and own a premium account. If you have these things then you are able to level nonstop at those little dumb puppets without being at the PC (you can rank up to transcender). But there is a little thing which has to get mentioned:
After you passed 30% of your rank up (example: 30 of 90 ups) then you get less skill xp as before! So skilling up needs more time after the 30% (but of course you can continue)!

PRO No dumb skill farming anymore; you can skill up afk; nonstop skilling without interruption;

CONTRA Again you need to be premium; takes more time then any other method;

Method3 Skilling AFK at high level mobs

This method is the most riskfull method - you need to look for a mob with many health points (like the mobs in LiD, RS or UG). Best mobs for this are mobs with a "+" after their names or bossmobs in dungeons (they have more Hp than the others).
Ok now head on:
Take the cheapest and lowest weapon you can find (startup weapons are the best for this). Take armor which protects you well (the mob mustn't hit you too much or make too much damage!). Now the expensive part of this method: The Lifecapsules! You need them to heal your char while being afk. You can buy them from other players (really expensive!) or buy them via playershop.(coming soon)
Now look for a suitable mob - if you are level 50+ you also can enter a party dungeon and hit the closed gates (they have much hp and dont hurt you )
If you choose a mob notice following:
Your mob should stand alone and not surrounded by other mobs (so that you can "concentrate" at ONE mob!). I recommend the bosses in Lake in Dusk (they alway stand alone - but you need to own a mappart and you need to be level 75+).
Ok now let's begin:
Choose one of the hints I mentioned at the part of the training dummies (like Stucking a coin between your quickslot buttons etc.).
Now you can watch how your char beats up the mob while you just have to go afk ^^

PRO You can be afk and gain a lot of Skill XP;

CONTRA Riskfull; Expensive (because of the Lifecapsules); I recommend to do this when you reach level 50+;

Method4 Boxing

Last but not least...
this method is similiar to Method3 - you beat up a mob while being AFK.
At level 50 and rank "Expert" you can buy a interesting upgrade skill at the Instructor in Port Lux (he's standing next to the vulcans - not in town).
Skills are called:
1. Sword XP to Magic XP
2. Magic XP to Sword XP
This means: When you buy "Sword to Magic" you ONLY recieve Magic Skill XP! So you could skill up your Magic Rank by using sword skills.
Now search again for a mob with many health points (like in Method3 mentioned).
But keep in mind following points:

1) The mob must give you atleast 5 XP each hit (you can see this at the right window at the bottom).

2) Auto-Attack has to be activated (Options -> Game -> Cross at "Auto Attack")

3) Choose Low-level-weapons again AND buy Lifecapsules!!!

[A small declaration at the edge: At dummies you cant do "Normal Attacks" because you dont get XP for it (you MUST get atleast 5 XP)! So you can attack mobs with normal attacks and the funny thing is that you recieve SKill XP for magic AND sword with boxing! But you get less than using normal Skills! But after buying the upgrade in Port Lux you concentrate your Skill XP to one section (magic -> sword; sword -> magic - sounds logical, eh?)]
After you did this, target a mob and press "Normal Attack". Now your char should begin to beat up the mob (if you use swords then your char should hit the mob with the sword).

PRO AFK-Skill-Leveling;

CONTRA Less Skill XP than using other methods; Expensive (because of Lifecapsules); You must be level 50+ and at least rank "Expert" in one section;

NEW Small hints how to get more Skill XP

There are now some dungeons/quests which give you additional Skill XP.

As a reward for B1f Frozen Tower you gain 5000 Skill Xp after finishing the dungeon. And every skill xp quest gives you additional Skill XP.
Also those "new" T-helper-quests are very acceptable for farming Skill XP. You gain while farming mobs and cards a huge amount of XP! So don't get aggressive or desperate when you dont find your 50 cards (always think of the Skill XP )

Credits , Vi0

Skill EXP Guide - Written By SnowFrog - Contributed By SnowFrog