Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - Kada's Guide to Combo Practice and Etc.

Would you like to improve your combo count past 11 but don't know how? Here's how ;

1. Use the noobest weapon.

Noobest weapon allows you to have the minimum damage, that means the monster can last longer and you can whack more

2. Find somewhere secluded.

Try to find somewhere with no people around, you don't want anyone ksing your combo dummy, would you?

3. Find a suitable target.

There are 3 targets that you might want to practice on;

I. "Boss" monsters; like Scoulug +, Armaku +, Black Snake, Huge Spider and Highzard. These monsters have high hp, so they can take your blows while giving off relatively low damage.

II. Normal monsters; you have to lure a handful of monsters so that switching between them can be easier. This is a great way to practice comboing+switching between monsters. When the monster is near death and your skill is swinging, quickly change to the next monster and continue combo. Quite difficult. Don't lure it somewhere public, do it somewhere secluded or else Kurosaki Ichigo will pwn you with his purple font. Don't forget to use regeneration skill as you'll be focusing on the combo rather than your hp.

III. Friends; PvP or PK. The perfect dummy, ask them not to move and try not to kill them in the process

How to Combo?
Assign the combo button somewhere. Right click it to iniate combo, now move your fingers to at least 3 skills. Alternate between each one, and be careful. If you start with button 3, 2, 1, stick with that pattern. Because the cooldown of each skill requires time, let say you press 3, 2, 1, then 3, 1, 2, the button 1 might not be done yet, so combo will be canceled.

Why can't I combo?
Several possibilities;

1. No mana. Go restock ler >_>
2. No SP. See that yellow bar below your mp? Yeah that's your SP. You get that by hitting+get hit by monsters.
3. Skill cooldown. Comboing with 2 skills only is impossible, as warrior I use 2 sword skills + 1 magic skill to combo.
4. Monster is dead. Go figure.

Extra Note
Ever play Audition or O2Jam? There's a trick to getting pass the 11th combo. Try taking a stopwatch. Now if you stop when you see 1.00 second, it'll stop at 1.5 second. So how do you get the 1.00 second? You press before it gets to 1.00. Master this and you will master the combo.

It's basicly the same concept, the trick is to press before it reaches. From my tips above, it'll give you the orpotunity to reach 11th combo in the first place. This part is how to surpass it. Judge the speed of the combo bar, and see where it stops. Predict the time takes for you to press the button and for it to stop, where it stop, and use it to your advantage.

Hope my guide here helps, happy comboing

Disclaimer ; My highest combo was like 19 or something, too bad I don't know which button is the screenshot button. *emo* I'll try to get it higher and then post teh screenshot. For now, any questions you would like to ask?

Oh and don't mind my comment about Kurosaki Ichigo xD I was just kidding, he's cool. Except he PKs me when I had no mana pots, gasp! D:

Kada's Guide to Combo Practice and Etc. - Written By Kadamon - Contributed By Kadamon