Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - DpS, DoC, Def & Skill levels


I've realised that there is an increasing number of people(retards) posting up severely screwed up guides. Thus I've decided to try to change the mindsets of those whose brains have been noobalized by those stupid threads. Yes, I'm flaming you, the people who decide to teach horrifically screwed stuff. In anycase, I do hope this helps and solves the whole issue.

Skills & Levels

Alright this is one of the major problems I've seen around, people do know what level to maintain their skills at and what's not helping is that there are floods of people telling them to leave their skills at level 9. But is that practical? We shall find out here.

First, lets take a look at a chart of skill leveling.

Credits to Myth and pigpigpig for telling me about the lvl 20 cooldown.

Yes I know its crappy, I did it myself, but nonethless lets analyse it:

It shows that at lvl 10, 13, 16, 19 and 20, your amplification goes up by 0.05
However, the cooldown also increases.
But, the following 2 levels decrease the cooldown time.
Following this logic, we can see that the optimum levels are, 9,12,15,18.

Before I go into discussing what level your skills should be at, I shall explain this:

Skill cooldowns are dependant of their cast times. VERY few skill have cast times which varry very largely with their cast times(Force kick is some such example) So in theory, a 3 seconds cast time skill is going to have 2.8-3.2 seconds cooldown time at lvl 9. This is of course only for some skills. G.Master, Completer and Trans skill have larger cooldowns.

Alright, heres what I'm gonna say:
Most skills should be left at level 15, if it THAT unbearable, level 12.

"But kiroshinoke!!!1111one!! you noob****! Level 15 cooldown so big! u noob issit! lvl 9 best LAAA!"

Yea I get that alot, so being nice, I shall explain to you peeps.

Mobbing skills

Mobbing is different from single targetting. When mobbing, you choose large area spells.

A normal person would mob with 2-3 skills.

Let's pretend we have 3 skills.

Poke, pinch and tickle.

Poke has a cast time of 2.3 seconds.
Pinch has a cast time of 3 seconds.
Tickle has a cast time of 2.5 seconds.

So assuming we're gonna mob in this way : poke pinch tickle poke pinch tickle.

Let's calculate when we are gonna cast poke again after we use it for the first time.

2.3(poke cast time) + 3.0 (pinch c.t) +2.5(tickle c.t)
= 7.8

We are ONLY going to use poke once again after 7.8 seconds. So why do u need it to be at level 9?(cool down of 2.3 seconds). Since we know that we have 7.8 seconds to spare, is it not logical we level it up to lvl 15 to get additional amplification and dmg?

Single targetting(includes pvp)

Single targetting skills are usually meant for pvp or bosses. They are usually massively high in dps. In pvp, they are usually accompanied by a large finishing attack.

Single targetting usually involves combos. The better you are at combo, the more dmg u can unleash. There are usually 3-5 skills used in pvp. I highly suggest you do not use 5 skills since it spreads ur skills out too much.

3 skills is a favourite of many ppl, but I don't get it. Having 3 damaging skills at lvl 12 means that you will recast a single skill again very soon, limitting your skill level to.. possibly 12? However 4 skills means you recast each skill later and allows all your skills to hit a healthy lvl 18, a much deadlier combo.

lets assume we hav 4 skills now.

Stabj00butt has a cast time of 2.8 seconds
Poke has a cast time of 2.3 seconds
Pinch has a cast time of 3 seconds
Tickle has a cast time of 2.5 seconds

We're casting it in this order : stabj00butt poke pinch tickle stabj00butt poke.

Let's calculate the time we will recast stabj00butt.

2.8+2.3+3+2.5 = 10.6 seconds.

So... why not max it to lvl 20 since we have that much time?

Because we're going to combo with these. Combo doesnt remove cast time or delay time, (yes, another flame at those wannabe guide posters).

Comboes remove back swing time. For dota players you should know this term. For all the others, pretend you have a gun and your shooting it. Comboing means you don't have to reload, but you still have to pull the trigger and wait for the bullet to fly.

There is a way to calculate backswings but thats honestly too complicated for this forum. So to be safe, just assume combo removes 30% of cast time.
With that said, your skills should have a cooldown that is less than this formula:

(Skill 1 cast time+ skill 2 cast time + skill 3 cast time+ skill 4 cast time) x 70%

This concludes the part on skill levels

DPS (0 defence test)

What is DpS?

DpS stands for Damage per second. It refers to the amount of damage you can do to a target every second. It is useful to calculate just how much total damage output you have with your skills.

So why do I need to know my DpS?

Alot of people think that just because a skill can do alot of damage means that its damage is high. This is not entirely true(as proven later). If you know your own DpS, you can maximise your damage output and create the most devastating comboes you can achieve with your spells. This allows you do deal the highest damage, in the shortest time, utilising ur dmg potential to the fullest.

How do I calculate my DpS?

Here's a simple example as to how to do it. For this example we shall use 2 skills.
A beginner magic skill, terra arrow.
And an A.master skill terra break.

Here are the stats of the two spells

Terra Arrow
1.65 amp
+63.4 additional attack
1.5 seconds cast time
Terra Break
1.75 amp
+1045.6 additional attack
6.5 seconds cast time
Many will think that Terra break is the stronger skill. However, this is not entirely true. Let's calculate the DpS for both spells.
We can use a base of 500 atk 500 magic for this test.

Terra arrow
1.65 x 500 (amp)
+63.4 (add. atk)
/1.5 (cast time)
DpS = 592.26
Terra break
1.75 x 500 (amp)
+1045.6 (add atk)
/6.5 (cast time)
DpS = 295.48
So as you can see, terra arrow can easily do TWICE the amount of damage that terra break can do when casted consequtively. However, this does not mean that Terra break is weak, this will be explained in the next section.


DpS (With defence)
Credits to ren99 for reminding me to put this part up

So why are we learning the higher ranks skill if even a novice skill can beat it?

The above shown calculations are done on a 0 defence test. In other words, they are the full damage you're going to be hitting. However, in reality this isnt possible. Even if a player strips himself of all his equipments and buffs, he's still probably going to have 100-300 def.

Why do we need to have a good gauge of an enemy's Def?

An enemy's defence is crucial into planning your perfect combo or your armour breaking comboes. Defence severely reduces th damage of your smaller DoC spells and thus effectively removes the ability for it to be used very well.

DpS calculation (with Def)

Assume the same 2 skills:

Terra Arrow
1.65 amp
+63.4 additional attack
1.5 seconds cast time
Terra Break
1.75 amp
+1045.6 additional attack
6.5 seconds cast time

Now we all know that 0 def does not exist. Let's calculate the DpS of the 2 spells when your target has 300/500/700 def, ignoring absolute guard.(See below for details on this)

Terra arrow
1.65 x 500
0 Def damage = 888.4
300 Def damage = 588.4
500 Def damage = 388.4
700 Def damage = 188.4
0 Def DpS= 593
300 Def DpS= 392
500 Def DpS= 259
700 Def DpS= 125.6
Terra break
1.75 x 500
0 Def damage= 1920.6
300 Def damage= 1620.6
500 Def damage= 1420.6
700 Def damage= 1220.6
0 Def DpS= 295
300 Def DpS= 249
500 Def DpS= 219
700 Def DpS= 188
So as you can see, larger spells do have their uses. Small spells are affected largely by Def, their DpS dropping severely with each point of def your opponent has. Guessing your opponent's Def is very crucial into combo planning, otherwise, you'd be setback alot.


What is DoC?

DoC stands for Damage on Cast. In Cabal, the damage for a spell, the ENTIRE spell, is registered once u cast it, not when the hit lands. So in simple terms, ur damage kicks in once u hit the hotkey for the spell, the cast time is just the delay before u can cast another spell.

Why is DoC important?

Knowing your DoC is very important. It allows you to put in crucial hits when u need them, where u need them. The fact that the damage is applied instantly means that even if ur skill takes 90seconds to cast, if you judge it correctly, u can use it to kill someone instantly, leaving the cast time just as nice animation.

Using DoC well.

Most spells with high DoC have very high cast time, making their DpS weak. However if timed well, you can use it as a 0.1 seconds nuke to kill off someone. If someone will die when the spell is casted, the cant move during the whole duration of the skill and stands there to let u finish him off. However, if he will NOT die when the skill is casted, it means u just gave him a few seconds to beat on u while u cast ur sluggish spell. Using DoC spells are all about timing and judgement. Get a feel for ur skill and how much it hits an opponent, thats the best way to assure a smooth win.

How do I calculate my DoC?

This is alot simpler compared to DpS since cast time does not matter here.

Take the previous 2 examples.

Terra Arrow
1.65 amp
+63.4 additional attack
Terra Break
1.75 amp
+1045.6 additional attack
And here's the DoC calculations. Similiarly with a 500magic 500 attack base.

Terra arrow
1.65 x 500(amp)
+63.4 (add. atk)
DoC : 888.40
Terra break
1.75 x 500(amp)
+1045.6 (add. atk)
DoC: 1920.6
As you can see, Terra break is much larger in DoC, and thus can be casted when the person has more hp, and allows more room for mistake.



For this part of the guide its mainly guesswork on my part. I tried my best to get as close to the actual number as possible. If anyone wants to correct me on this section, feel free to do so, I'd change it and credit it to you.


What is Def?

Def is short for Defence. Defence is probably as important in cabal as attack and magic. 1 defence blocks 1 damage. Simple as that.

How is Def important?
Defence in cabal is very crucial. It gives ur survivability and the ability to take in many hits even with a low hp. The ability of absolute guard also adds to how important this stats is.

For those who has played maple out there, all know that defence in maple is bulls**t. With 0 seconds cooldown pots and an invunerability frame, def is just about as useful as dung. However, any player of cabal attempting to play with 0 def and 92342834672435423232364 magic and attack is prolly gonna die at least a hundred times before he hits lvl 50.

Absolute guarding
How many of you are FSes or warriors here? For that fact, probably anyone would have encountered this:

Say you have X def and a mob comes along.


He hits you for 100 dmg.

2 days later u come back with X+5 def and he hits you for 15 damage.

This is because you have absolute guarded his damage. This is how it works

From what I have researched, the absolute guard rate is 20% of your total def. What that means is this.

Let's assume u have 1000 def.
Lets assume there are 2 mobs,
Squirrel has 1300 atk
Chipmunk has 1150 atk.

Without absolute guard, you would take:

1300-1000= 300 dmg from squirrel
1150-1000= 150 dmg from chipmunk

However, absolute guard exists.
The absolute guard amount is 20% of ur def, or 1000 x 20%, or 200.

So lets recalculate for the mobs.

Squirrel hits u for 300.
300 is larger then 200?
So no dmg is guarded and he hits you the full 300.

Chipmunk hits u for 150
150 is larger then 200?
So all the damage is guarded and u recieve minimum damage.

Minimum damage is 10% x character/mob level.

Combo sets

Why should I have different combo sets?

Combo sets are lineup of specific skills that allows to to adapt to situations as and when you need to. They also allow you more flexibility since squeezing all your skills into 1 bar is gonna be suicidal. In addition, different comboes steps provide on-the-fly adjustments to situations so when a new threat comes into the scene, you will be ready to take it on without much problems.

What are the main types of combo sets?

I shall go into these with abit of detail. An average person should pick 3 of of these and leave the last bar as a Buffs, Aura & BM bar. Choose according to what your skills can handle.

Note: No matter what set it is, your potion button should ALWAYS remain where it is. ALWAYS. Otherwise you'd find yourself dead cause you were tapping some other key.

Armour breaker

This set of comboes are geared towards attacking opponents that have amazingly high def values. In a pvp, its usually warriors and shielders and some of the other classes that went "heavy"

Skill types: You should go for skills with moderate-high DoCs and good cast times. These skills are least affected by the high def values and can easily nullify it.

Good against: Slow, lugging, high armoured units. Warriors DO fall into this cateogory, shielders less so, heavy FBs less so. Amazingly enough, bladers ARE slow. Their main skills have disgustingly huge cast times: saying that, a heavy blader would fall pretty easily to this combo set too

Bad against: Agile, fast, martialed units. This includes archers, wizards and FBs. One of the primary reasons is that with proper tatics, these people can make you lose your combo and attack them without it. Your skills are also probably pretty slow and thus, missing ANY particular one of it would seriously put a dent into you.

Rapid/Peirce sets

This one is aimed at break down single units with moderate or low armour. Since they have lowish armour, it means all of your spells are gonna be hitting as close to their pure DpS as possible.

Skill types: You should set skills with very low cast times around 1-2.5 seconds. Skills like Shield sharge(1.3 cast time), Assualt(1.1 cast time), Shadow shot(1.3 cast time), Vital interfere(1.0 cast time) and other such skills are perfect examples of things to add this this set. Oh FYI impact stab has the one of the highest dps when used in a combo.

Good against: Virtually anything with low armour. Your high speed attacks also mean that even if you miss an attack, its not gonna cost u alot.

Bad against: Armour-clad foes. Def is going to take a HUGE toll on this entire set. You're probably not even going to scratch your opponent very much. Which is why you need to have another set to take that on.

Advance gameplay tips: DpS, DoC, Def & Skill levels - Written By kiroshinoke - Contributed By kiroshinoke