Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - The Simple Cabalier's Guide On PvP Fighting And Conduct

Nope, I'm no pro, maybe most of this guidelines are even obvious, but anything to help.

Although in Cabal Korea, which is the most up-to-date version of Cabal, your Combo will 100% be broken the moment you get Knockdown-ed; in CabalSEA CLOSED BETA there seems to be two sides to things.
Sometimes ppl get KD'ed and break combo, others get KD'ed and continue whacking in a split second, or owning =o
Guide will be updated on "Knockdowns" in OBT.

Can't Fade or Dash in Combo? Look at FireCloud's thread :

1) Train your Combo. Neither I or the other players around can emphasize how important Combo is; it makes sure all your skills hit, and plus cancels the unimportant part of your skill-casting; ok short and sweet, your skills cast faster.
That means, quick ownage.

2) Fade Step and Dash accordingly, and use them in Combo too. Fade Stepping is a strange one, most ppl thinks hey, Fade Step is useless(like one of the guide-makers around here) but lemme tell you something:
Fade Step does to your opponent as a mob dying does to your opponent.
They lose target on you, they have to click on you again, that's wad makes Fading so cool and make PvPs more "high"! Coz if you Fade your opponent has to spend extra effort just to re-lock on to you, and if they Fade, you have to re-target too ^.^
Plus it covers more distance and is much faster than Rolling, sure in low-lvl PvP u can roll all you want, but in higher lvls we can just click on your while you're rolling and then cast a G. Master on your butt later.

Dashing is the trick to winning for melee characters. 'Coz Force Archers and Wizzies won't be dashing that often in PvPs you'll want to use one Dash to cover two of their Fade Steps. Their Fading gets very annoying after a while, especially if you let them knock you down from afar; start your combo with a dash!

3) Keep your enemy in front of you, at all costs. Use the Force(camera).
Simple enough, nobody likes getting b-sed at the wrong moment. Get a good mouse, if not make sure you swing hard and good with your old ghey Digitek mouse.
Make sure your opponent is in front of you, adjust your cam accordingly.
When they're in front you dun need to panick that much when they Fade away.
Scroll in or out accordingly, don't zoom in too much so that you can only see your own character, but dont zoom out too much either, hard for you to click on your target.

4) Keep your knockdowns handy.
It has been proven that knockdowns work in CabalSEA to interrupt combos. I was going PvP all the way yesterday be4 closing and sometimes while I como-ed and this Warrior KD'ed me, my Combo broke even tho he didn't Fade or Roll away.
A well-timed KD can turn the tide of the battle; but if you dun have one handy, then speed is of the essence, though higher-rank skills will give you 1 or 2 KD skills sooner or later.
Of course some skills give you 100% immunity(blader/warrior) and 10%(others) but you dun wanna rely on your skills too much, rely on urself!

5) Get a good mouse hand and pair of eyes.
You don't wanna Combo happily halfway and then the Force Archer Fades once, there goes ur combo coz you didn't click on her fast enuff =/

6) Buffs up, please.
Later in game, one Lightning Enchant can turn the tide of battle.
Have courtesy and remind your opponent by saying "Buffs up".

7) Heal up before fighting.
This is duh, painfully obvious but I've seen people who fights a PvP right after he/she finished 1 and forgot to heal up.
Don't blame others if that happen =o
I did this a few times meself, tho xD

8) All equips up!
idk about you guys, but I sometimes end up fighting a 3x wiz(I'm 2x) with my 3/3 attack katana because I was training mah skillz >_>
sucks to be me.
so next time if you're training skills in Port Lux, make sure to check equip first ^_^

9) Fight fairly.
By this I mean, if you wanna use Aura for fighting, make sure your opponent is agreeable/does it too.
If you wanna use BM1 or BM2, both of you use it, enuff said.
Kind of pain for me to fight 3x warriors using Berserker even though I have Regular-rank Sword >_>

That's all folkies, got anything more plzzz point it out ^_^

The Simple Cabalier's Guide On PvP Fighting And Conduct - Written By Kurosaki Ichigo - Contributed By Kurosaki Ichigo