Cabal SEA - Dungeon Guide - Volanic Citadel

Volanic Citadel - Level 105

You will need an entry item, Seal of darkness(sod) to enter.

Entrance to vc is in the middle of the dark bladers habitat.

Now before you enter the dungeon,2 things you need to take note

1) Vc bosses CANNOT be stunned/knockdown,but the normal mobs can.
2) Charge up your sp before entering the dungeon.

Suggested lv/skill rank to solo(in terms of force bladers)
lv 130 and above
At least single transcender and a decent rank of the other e.g A.m/G.m/comp
Warriors fs and bladers should be able to solo at a lower requirement.

Quests which requires you to kill vc mobs includes:

1)Hidden helper T no.69 req: kill 10 balrogs
2)BSLV up special traning #1 req: kill 30 blaze hound
3)BSLV up Special traning # 2 req: kill 50 dark phalanx
4)Mission: volcanic citadel req: kill 1 dark priest

OK now lets start!! When u enter the dungeon, go to the rock on your right,click it.

Now after clicking the rock dash up,take a right and you will see the first no chest boss tiraff. Kill him.
<> Tiraff(naga form) difficuity:easy

After killing Tiraff talk to the rock behind him.

Now a new path will appear. This is the place where the blaze hounds spawn.But there is onli a max of 1 extra spawn so camping here for the bslv quest is not recommended.

Now you will have 2 option to continue.

Option 1(extra chest option)
Dash(and i mean dash,as meteos will be falling on you) towards the path indicated in the previous ss untill you reach the canons below:

1= destroy the first canon
2=destroy the 2nd canon
3=move towards the gate in the ss below,destroy it and talk to the portal

Aft going through the portal you will end up in the first official boss room.
<<> Kanir Difficuity: below average

Kill kanir loot the legacy chest,use the portal behind him and u will end up here.

Now get out of the safety zone and you will see the 2nd boss
<>Jakrr Difficuity:easy

After finish torturing Jakrr,his chest will drop behind the gate behind him,use an aoe skill on the gate and click spacebar to loot.

Now there is an optional boss here if you want an extra chest den u can follow the instructions if not ignore the next 2 ss

First you will need to take down the volcanic frezzen guard.

After u kill him a room behind will be revealed and you will see the cute little wizard boss
<> Bricy Difficuity average.

After finishing the optional boss or if u skiped it, go forward and you should see this gate

Break the gate and clear all mobs surrounding you. Now you will enter the room with MASSIVE spawn of dark phalanx(you will need to kill 50 of this in the bslv up #2) Dont have to panic when u see the massive spawn, they are weak,Clear some of them and their leader will appear. Take his head.
<> Pakss Difficuity: Normal

Take his chest at the top left end of the room and talk to the rock at the top right of the room and the gate behind will open.

Now you will see the fire path previously again but a stronger version of it

Quicky dash up and clear all mobs surrounding you and destroy the gate.

Now after destroying the gate clear the dark knights and assassins before advancing to the boss or els they will cause you some troubles.The last 2 dark knights is in this area

Now move up and you see the next boss.
<<>> Pasin Difficuity: Above average.( use super buffs/debuffs)

After finishing pasin the gate will open and you will end up in the balrog chamber.

Now take a left and you see the portal below. Before going in, i suggest you use bm1 if you are not confident in surviving a boss wif range bodyguards around.

In this room you face the next boss
<> prasir Difficuity:Hard (due to range bodyguards around)

After he is dead exit the room after looting his chest and click the rock outside. Now you will end up infront of the balrog. Take a right, dash up and you would see another portal as shown below, enter.

When you are inside the room DO NOT MOVE. Wait for the dark assassins to come,clear them.

Now move slightly forward and their leader will come, kill him.
<> Tarff (blader) difficuity:abv average

Take his chest exit,click the rock again and find the last portal and enter
Now you will be in the room shown below. Try your best,slowly walk be the side to the left and try to clear the dark knights before lureing the leader out.Its hard. But if you fail,you can either,1) slowly clear the mobs,2) use another bm.

<> Arthberg Difficuity:Above average if his slaves are around.

After finishing the boss exit use the rock. Now find a group of dark priest in a room. When you locate them DO NOT ENTER yet. Again if you are not confident of surving a boss wif a lot of bodyguards around,use a Bm.

Now dash into the group of dark priest. NOTE*: KILL THE BOSS INSIDE THE AREA OR ELS YOU WILL NOT GET HIS CHEST!!!
<> Tiarff Dificuity:Hard

Now use the rock behind tiarff

You will end up infront of balrog again. FInally you are going to take him on.
Talk to the altar wif the red jem on top to summon balrog.

<> Balrog Difficuity:easy

After finishing bbq-ing the bat advance right and break his chest.

Congrats you cleared vc and recieve a reward of 1k honor points.

Written By MarsPeople