Cabal SEA - Force Archer Guide - FA Skill Guide (rolax06)

Hello to all who want to play FA Chart.,this just some guide to you if you can't have your own idea..... If you have, try share it with our friend out they who want to try FA, thanks Q. SRY if u found some spelling is wrong. Pls correct it for me thanks Q.
Some basic skill I'll not discuss much because it will not in use after your get EXPERT Rank. For adding Chart.Stat, just follow ur Chart. requirement, press C and u can know the requirement for ur Chart.


Power Shot
Not advice to add SP

This is the beginning skill,so just use it.

Magic Arrow
Not advice to add SP
Beginning skill too,so just use.


Recover HP,It more useful for high DEF Chart.
For FA it not much useful cause when u have to use pot when hit by monster.


Critical Shot
SP=lv 18~20

Sidenote from ren99:
Lv 18 Critical Shot - 1.35 Mag Amp. +98.7 added damage. +95% critical damage. CD = 2.1s. MP = 32
Lv 20 Critical Shot - 1.45 Mag Amp. +103.1 added damage. +105% crit damage. CD = 3.2s. MP = 36
Casting Time = 1.3s. +50% crit chance. Range: 1-8. KB = +50%. Limit: 1 (piercing).
Needs 20 SP to level from Lv18 to Lv20.

Concentrates spirit to give critical damage
All high lvl FA player will agree with this cause it was a main power for FA.
Why i say it useful ???
a) Can see the DMG
b) High DMG rate
c) Hit Passes through and Hit Back the monster.
e) Fast cool down time.
this is very useful & more power skill they give at the beginning level for FA.U also can pump ur SP into it.belive me. u can see the differences,this skill can last u until u reach lvl 70, maybe more.......


Increase the caster's attack rank..... It not much difference from normal hit and it will take over by Eagle if u want just train it with the next skill and change it when u can learn Eagle Eye.

Repulsive Armour

No other skill can take over this skill cause it Increase the caster's defense rank

Magic Blast

Just use it ask helper to u.(if u want)


Explosion Shot

The first skill can make monster falldown.Condensate energy to explode enemy
Fast cool down time,high DMG,when u get this skill u can use it with Critical Shot. Both of this skill very useful,and u can think to unlearn some not useful skill if u want.


Decrees enemy hit rate.

Eagle Eye

This is the only skill can take over Precision skill.
Increase own Attack level and effective range.


Poison Arrow

More useful to High Def Mobs,when u train it to lv20 it will giv around 67dmg/sec,maintenance 10sec.

Lower Defense

it up to u want to learn or not,cause it almost same ask decrees enemy hit rate,only helpful when u killing boss type mobs.


Shadow Shot

Summon an arrow from the shadow of an enemy
The only skill can use all FA life.
High Dmg,Can make monster falldown ask Explosion Shot,fast cool down time,Faster shot make and the only thing is use alot MP. My suggestion is try change some useful skill to this skill.(it up to u)

Mana Condense

Increase one's magic attack strength,MUST LEARN

Vital Force

Extra up ur HP,MUST LEARN too

Until here,make sure u have learn 4 importance helping skill.
a)Eagle Eye>Add up hit rate + attack distance
b)Repulsive Armour>Add up ur avoids rate.
c)Mana Condense>Add up ur magic power
d)Vital Force>Extra up ur HP.
For FA,this 4 skill can say is there life helper,for a,b and can help ur party team. (useful in solo or team)


Great Heal

the healing skill(recover ur Hp)Restores a great amount of HP.
When u train it until Lv3 it recover ur HP more faster than using HP pot.

Vital Bless
SP=lv7( tough of SP and not reaching chart lv requirement[depend on game chart higher ranking] )

Greatly increase the HP restoration rate for a short duration
Maybe i can say it's revolution of Regeneration.
(up to u want to learn or not.)can skip it.

Drill Shot

This is the first skill can give over 300 high DMG.
the bad thing is take longer time to having shot.It also make enemy blur for moment and it very useful all the life of FA.


The only skill at this rank.
Prisimic Arrow
SP=lv15 (tough of SP and not reaching chart requirement[depend on game chart higher ranking])

powerful hit. Must learn too


Gravity Distortion
SP=lv1 ( depend on game chart higher ranking )

Destructive arrow that distorts time and space
Can hit back enemy,the only thing is long cool down time.

Why i just write adding SP lv18 ~ lv20 ??? It because u will tough of SP, if u feel enough of SP u can max it on lv20 or just stop at lv18. This is my Exp on CABAL TW.
For me, i feel it great and very useful. hope can give some idea to those who want to play FA,if u feel it not much helpful just take it ask ur guide line,u can read other player suggestion to have up more helpful guide for u. lastly i hope forgive me if they have any wrong typing word

write by ren99>>>

Originally Posted by xia0kg
regen does nt stack with eagle eyes... zz...

i wasted 100k to unlearn my Precision and another 100k to learn my eagle eyes and lols.. eagle dont stack with regen..-.-zz..

please write tat down in ur guide
Thanks to xiao0kg for remind.......
ok..... for regeneration skill is difference with Precision or Eagle Eye
It can't stack on each other.
REGENERATION = recover ur HP
PRECISION or EAGLE EYE = Increase own Attack level and effective range.

FA Skill Guide - Written By rolax06 - Contributed By rolax06