Cabal SEA - Dungeon Guide - Lake in Dust

Lake In Dusk - Level 75

What do I need? (Requirements)

Being Level 75
Have a Map Part in your inventory
Have 60 minutes free to kill without resting, that's the time that the dungeon lasts

Where's the entrance?

Lake In Dusk Guide - Step by Step:

1. Once you enter, go forward, skip Wurk if you want and kill the next boss, Wurk isn't important for advancing in the dungeon.

2. Go forward and kill Radark, and a door will open to complete next steps.

3. Advance and you'll find Jidarsch, kill him.

4. Now you'll have to enter by a swamp, there are 5 red sticks that you can kill, called Ruin In Dusk. You'll have to kill only one to make the next door open. Guide yourself by the map that FitaEspain, one of my guildmates created, xD.

5. After killing the needed stick go by the new way and kill next boss: Pogarr

6. After killing him, go by the new way again to another swamp and kill Ballu.

7. After killing the boss go by the new way and kill Pirouro.

8. After killing him, another door will open and you'll have to kill Hauk.

9. Now you have to kill Lehifee, going by the new way.

10. Now, enter to the other swamp and kill the troll boss: Ergdusu.

11. Get out of the swamp by the new opened way, now you'll have to kill three harpy bosses, first you'll have to kill Etuor.

12. After, kill Caschnarr, going by the new way that opened

13. Now kill the last harpy boss: Rik.

14. Now you'll have to go back a little, near where you killed the first harpy boss and now you'll have to kill both ogre bosses

15. Now kill the next ogre boss, that have similar names, they look like brothers!

16. Well, now the thing will be more difficult if you're level 75~80 and you go alone! Now here they come, the minotaurs. Just advance by the portal without killing any minotaur until you reach the bottom of the place, now kill the three minotaurs that are at the botom. And a big door will open that lead you to the final dungeon boss called: Zidgris Faello.

Published by InF3RNo