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So, you're reaching lv 70-80, and you desperately need cash to buy skills and a lot of new equipment you wish to have.

But you cannot find a good way to make cash.

Do not fear! i'm here to show you some good ways to make good cash at not so high levels.

First, we'll start off you're at LEAST level 70, but for people who still aren't there i'll give you a nice tip.

Go to fort ruina, and farm auto cannons-ex (one legged cannons) like no tomorrow, they drop map parts, ruina station cards, slot osmium, and sloted titanium (you might get amp on the slot and you get rich in no time).
Those and auto-cannons-op drop the key items onto our money making plan.

Note: Remember there's 2 kind of auto cannons in Fort. Ruina, one are the four legged cannons, those are the -OPs. The others are the one legged (at the end of Fort. Ruina), those are the -EXs.

Now let's get on it.

Part 1: Sell items needed by crafters. (the level 70 party cards)

You all know crafters, those wealthy people who waste tones of cash for the sake of creating super items.

You, will be the supply of those items, and in TONES (because we want to make 20 or 30 millions, not 30k)

The auto-cannons-op will be the key here.

Those little things, drop some Dungeon Time cards (known as D.T. cards), when you train on them, you have to take a look on those 3 cards.

-Mummy grave (party) lv 70.
-Parasite house (party) lv 70.
-Skeleton mine (party) lv 70.

Given you're already g.master or completer on your main rank should suffice for you to solo them (and they give some good exp, so you will get lv 75 in no time)

At the end of the dungeon you'll have to face 3 bosses, no worries, they're just normal mobs, now what's worthy of those dungeons is what the bosses drop.

Droplist :

-Titanium Slot +0 (clean or amped) note : mobs drop those too.
-Titanium 2 slots + 0 (usefull to craft will/deathblow)
-Force and upgrade core (high)

Now you will take those, and sell them, how much for?

-Titanium single slot +0 (clean) around 250k a piece.
-Titanium single slot +0 +5%magic/sword amp on slot (given you're lucky enough to get those, i'd suggest to get a price check since price vary depending on the part you get)
-Titanium single slot +4 skill exp, around 8-12m
-Titanium Double slot +0 (slots clean) goes from 2 to 4m, any part except gloves, those are worthless.
-Force core : 200-250k
-Upgrade core : usually 200-400k

Note : at this point i would also look for cheap map parts, i mean CHEAP ones, so keep an eye for them if you can spare cash.

Part 2 : The lake in dusk.

So, during part one we made it to lv 75 and made some good cash, now remember i told you to farm auto cannons exs apart from ops?

By this time you should have some map parts, so let's use them.

Now, what do they drop to make them so valuable?

Droplist :

-Force core (high)
-Upgrade core (medium)
-Titanium slot (any type, clean, amped, etc.)
-Shadowtitanium no slot/slot/2slots (sells for some cash at the NPC) / 2 slots can be sold to c rafters
-Aqua orbs/Crystals no slot/slot/2slots (sells for some cash at the NPC) / 2 slots can be sold to c rafters
-Adept/bless bracelets +0 and +1, pick and wear if you need, if not, sell to the npc.
-Extract potions, pick and use in case you need, if not, sell them via stall.
-Osmium weapons, lapis weapons, no slot (250k), single slot (2-3m), 2 slots (15-30m), 2 slots with crit rate on first slot (60-100m)
-Osmium Armours : single slot, either to the npc, or in case of helms you can stall for 200k, Double sloted, from 300k (suits, i'd rather npc) to 500k-1m (helms, gloves, boots)
-Shadow epaulette of sage/guard/fighter, around 10m for any kind.

Special drops:
-Crafted shadowtitanium with 0-1-2 slots, price varies depending what part you get, i suggest to make a price check before doing anything with those.
-Crafted osmium, same as shadowtitanium.

Well here, what you will do is take all stuff you get droped, npc the adept/bless things, same with the slot/no slot shadowtitanium (unless it's amped or with skill exp, do not npc those!), and you set a stall with force cores, med cores, extract potions, and any other rare drop you get on the runs.
This is it, enjoy making some money and watching your character grow.


A more accurate priceguide to be added, i'd like someone who plays on jupiter server to give me accurate information about the prices, thanks.

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Hey! I'm just posting this to show the three main techniques used in making money. Each can be used in conjunction with the next.

Technique Number 1: Farming.

Farming is the first way that everyone makes money...

You pick up the monster drops and sell them to shops, or other players via personal shop.

To use your personal shop, click on yourself, then at the top use the drop down menu. Select 'Personal Shop', then stock up and sell. ^_^.

Some drops will be extremely expensive. Cores, Epaulettes, Double Slot items etc.. Can be sold in the personal shop for a huge amount more than the NPC shops will buy them for. So don't make any mistakes about pricing items.

Technique Number 2: BLSH (Buy low, sell high)

Most merchants' favourite way of making money.

You buy an item at a fairly low price, and then re-sell it for a slightly higher price than that which you paid. Repeat however many times you can be bothered.

Remember: Higher level items and lower level items take a lot longer to sell. Mid-level items are best for this technique e.g. Upgrade Core Mediums, Force Core Highs, Bluestin/Titanium Armour, EoX+3/4, Level 40-100 Jewellery.

Last but not least:

Technique Number 3: Crafting

It's a pain. Yes. I know, but stick with it. It'll make you millions in the long run.

First off, once you reach level 50 you'll get the Map Code to Port Lux. Once there, the Core Alchemist will have a quest for you, the reward for such will be a Transmuter of your choosing: Armourset, Martialset, Battleset, Artifact etc..

Once you've picked your type, you can start breaking down armour, jewelery and weapons into their crafting materials.

After you make your items, you can sell them at any price you want. Personally I make them as cheap as possible, so I make a tiny bit more Alz than I spent, to increase sale speed.

Adept Items sell the best, as more people favour Skill Exp. So once you're able to make Adept in that certain type, it's advisable to stay with that until you can do the next type. Although a lot of people do all the enchantments anyway.

Make sure you're always keeping prices around the average or you'll never sell anything.
If the prices are too low you'll know about it when your items disappear extremely fast. If so, raise the price a bit next time.

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