Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - Guide To Changing Weapon Models

1h_bld_06 | Osmium Blade
1h_bld_06+ | RedOsmium Blade
1h_bld_07 | Mithtil Blade ?(its Blue)
1h_brc_00 | Other Crude Orb
1h_brc_01 | Other red Orb
1h_brc_02 | Other Crude Crystal
1h_brc_03 | Other red Crystal
1h_cry_00 | Crude Crystal
1h_cry_01 | Red Crystal
1h_cry_02 | Coraleye Crystal
1h_cry_03 | Citrine Crystal
1h_cry_04 | Bluestine Crystal
1h_cry_05 | Pherstin Crystal
1h_cry_05+ | Aqua Crystal
1h_cry_06 | Lapis Crystal
1h_cry_06+ | Topaz Crystal
1h_cry_07 | Mithtil Crystal (Blue)
1h_cry_07+ | Mithril Crystal (Red and Blue)
1h_kat_06 | Osmium Katana
1h_kat_06+ | RedOsmium Katana
1h_kat_07 | Mithril Katana
1h_orb_00 | Crude Orb
1h_orb_01 | Red orb
1h_orb_02 | Coraleye Orb
1h_orb_03 | Citrine Orb
1h_orb_04 | Bluestin Orb
1h_orb_05 | Pherstin Orb
1h_orb_05+ | Aqua Orb
1h_orb_06 | Lapis Orp
1h_orb_06+ | Topaz Orb
1h_orb_07 | Mithril Orb?
1h_orb_07+ | Mithril Orb?
2h_bld_06 | Osmium Sword
2h_bld_06+ | Redosmium Sword
2h_bld_07 | Mithril Sword
2h_kat_06 | Osmium Daikatana
2h_kat_06+ | Redosmium Daikatana
2h_kat_07 | Mithril Daukatana
Aura_01_keep | AuraMode Earth
Aura_02_keep | AuraMode Water
Aura_03_keep | AuraMode Wind
Aura_04_keep | AuraMode Fire
Aura_05_keep | AuraMode Ice
Aura_06_keep | AuraMode Lightning
blade_shield-0 | Force Shielder Battlemode2
bow_00_keep | Crude Crystal
bow_01_keep | Red Crystal
bow_02_keep | Coraleye Crystal
bow_03_keep | Citrine Crystal
bow_04_keep | Bluestin Crystal
bow_05_keep | Pherystin Crystal
bow_05+_keep | Aqua Crystal
bow_06_keep | Lapis Crystal
bow_06+_keep | Topaz Crystal
bow_07_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Blue)
bow_07+_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Red and Blue)
charge_lamp-0_0 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_1 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_2 | Any effect
charge_lamp-0_3 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_0 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_1 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_2 | Any effect
charge_lamp-1_3 | Any effect
charger-0 | Force Blader Battlemode2 Weapon1
charger-1 | Force Blader Battlemode2 Weapon2
claw-0 | Blader Battlemode2 Weapon
gauntlet-0 | Wizard Battlemode2 Weapon
lance-0 | Warrior Battlemode2 Weapon
shield_00_keep | Crude Crystal
shield_01_keep | Red Crystal
shield_02_keep | Coraleye Crystal
shield_03_keep | Citrine Crystal
shield_04_keep | Bluestin Crystal
shield_05_keep | Pherystin Crystal
shield_05+_keep | Aqua Crystal
shield_06_keep | Lapis Crystal
shield_06+_keep | Topaz Crystal
shield_07_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Blue)
shield_07+_keep | Mithril Crystal? (Red and Blue)
twin_pistol-0 | Force Archer Battlemode2 Weapon1
twin_pistol-1 | Force Archer Battlemode2 Weapon2
not by me credits to benexdrake(not this forum =)

Normal Magic:
magc_100.efx -- Magic Arrow
magc_101.efx -- Terra Arrow
magc_102.efx -- Aqua Arrow
magc_103.efx -- Wind Arrow
magc_104.efx -- Fire Arrow
magc_105.efx -- Freezing Arrow
magc_106.efx -- Lightning Arrow
magc_107.efx -- Magic Blast
magc_108.efx -- Stone Blast
magc_109.efx -- Aqua Blast
magc_110.efx -- Wind Blast
magc_111.efx -- Fire Blast
magc_112.efx -- Ice Blast
magc_113.efx -- Lightning Blast
magc_114.efx -- Magic Lance
magc_115.efx -- Terra Lance
magc_116.efx -- Aqua Lance
magc_117.efx -- Wind Lance
magc_118.efx -- Fire Lance
magc_119.efx -- Freezing Lance
magc_120.efx -- Lightning Lance
magc_121.efx -- Magic Cannon
magc_122.efx -- Stone Cannon
magc_123.efx -- Aqua Cannon
magc_124.efx -- Wind Cannon
magc_125.efx -- Fire Cannon
magc_126.efx -- Crystal Cannon
magc_127.efx -- Lightning Cannon

Wizard Magic:
magc_128.efx -- Burning Hand
magc_129.efx -- Freeze
magc_130.efx -- Dig Bomb
magc_131.efx -- Icicle Shower
magc_132.efx -- Wind Cutter
magc_133.efx -- Hydro Disc
magc_134.efx -- Lightning Strike
magc_135.efx -- Acid Trap
magc_136.efx -- Vaccuum
magc_137.efx -- Chain Explosion
magc_233.efx -- Energy Field
magc_138.efx -- Hailstorm
magc_139.efx -- Extreme Dual Cannon
magc_140.efx -- Artic Field
magc_141.efx -- WIZ Completer Skill

Force Archer Magic:
magc_148.efx -- Power Shot
magc_149.efx -- Critical Shot
magc_150.efx -- Explosion Shot
magc_151.efx -- Poison Arrow
magc_152.efx -- Shadow Shot
magc_153.efx -- Drilled Shot
magc_154.efx -- Prismatic Arrow
magc_155.efx -- Gravity Disortion
magc_156.efx -- FA Completer Skill

Force Shielder Magic:
magc_159.efx -- FS Magic GM skill

Warrior Skills:
skil_2h_051.efx -- Spiral Doom?
skil_2h_055.efx -- WA Completer Skill

Blader Skills:
skil_du_052.efx -- Blade Cry?
skil_du_056.efx -- Blade Scud?
skil_du_070.efx -- Vital Intefere

Force Blader Skills:
skil_1h_058.efx -- Force Blader Completer Skill

Force Shielder Skills:
skil_1h_057.efx -- Force Shielder Storm Rush

These are all the skills that i have found out not sure of the blader/force blader/force shielder/warrior skill names though...because im wizard myself and ive never played with those file names and skill names that YOU know to improve this list...i hope this helps...
not by me but i duno who made this list =)

same method just change it in CabalOnline SGMY>data>FX>EFX>magic or
CabalONline SGdata>fx>efx>skills

1st step go to the correct folder =)

2nd find the wep you want (note:not all weapons can be changed and changing it in any other folder will not change anything)(for me i'll use a coraleye orb)

3rd find the wep you want to change it to(for me its the wizards bm2 wep)

4th step Delete the file of the wep you want to change(remember to make backups just in-case =)

5th step copy the file that you wish you change your wep to

6th step paste the file you copied into the fsame folder

7th rename it to the weapon you want to change

and there you have it =)
i'll post some of the magic skills later
guide was made by me =)
item list is benexdrakes

and remember to make back-ups
and a thanks would be nice if it works for you =)

Guide To Changing Weapon Models - Written By bor3dom - Contributed By bor3dom