Cabal SEA - Wizard Guide - Mini Skill Guide

Get Magic Arrow, Burning Hand and Freeze to lv9. This is to allow faster skill training as what affects skill level is how frequent u cast your skills. You may choose other novice skills(arrows) but i personally prefer Burning Hand and Freeze because they have very low cooldown at lv9(burning hand 1.1s, freeze 1s) and very easy to combo. Reason for leaving these skills at lv9 = lowest cooldown time. Also, get Regeneration and that's it for Novice.

Reaching apprentice allows you to learn the blasts. Don't bother. This is because you will delete them anyway and Skills > level in Cabal. Start skilling asap. However, get Dig Bomb to lv9 because it's limit 2(AOE) and knocks down the enemy. Good for saving your arse when you get whooped by many mobs. For other apprentice skills, don't even look at them.

Now the regular rank. What skills can you learn lemme see.. Oh the lances. Just learn 2 of the lances, Terra Lance and Fire Lance. Reason being their high DPS as compared to the other lances at lv20 when you get your amp equipment during late game. Don't even bother touching Hydro Disk or Wind Cutter. However, if you got the alz and want to train faster, you may get it. And i was jw if Weaken is under regular. If it is, learn and max it. You'll surely need this one.

Expert - this is when your cannons come. But firstly, get Hardness and max it asap. Lightning Strike is useless as it's too slow to be of any use. Acid Trap is good at lower levels, but start to get useless at the higher levels. It's too low damage at higher levels and for it to be useful, you have to level acid trap to 20 for the max poison effect. And it'll cost you a bomb to delete it. So, simply, don't learn it. Get Stone Cannon, Fire Cannon, Lightning Cannon, maybe Aqua Cannon as well. Stone, fire and aqua are usually used for PVP while lightning is more for PVE.

For A.Expert, only 4 skills: Vacuum, Chain Explosion, Energy Field and Sharpness. and what's the point of sharpness? for a wizard to punch? so don't bother unless you wanna buff your mates and the points to spare. If you got the alz and want to train fast, learn all the other 3 as these skills are good at the low levels. Energy Field is a MUST HAVE because it has a nice cast time and stuns. However, i do not recommend Vacuum cos it's too slow, in fact **** slow. I deleted it after killing a wriggleleaf.

Get Blink and Force Increase at master. Blink is awesome when you cast it with Dash. Hailstorm is good. I realised how idiotic i was to skip hailstorm because this can temporarily replace space collapse, although it doesn't has stun. i got it to lv20 and PVE became easier. Get the resist knockback buff later in the game cos for now, we can't stack 2 spirit buffs and so the force increase buff will be cancelled if you cast the resist buff.

After 126 SLOW LEVELING, finally AM. Get Arctic Field. It's great for PVE and i mean GREAT. And for High Regeneration get it if you got the alz. I'm totally broke thanks to the AM skills =.= will get it eventually i guess. However, please note that high regen has a dumb duration of 60s (after lv80 rank up quest) and a GREAT cooldown of 180s. what the hell.

The long awaited G.Master is finally here. EXTREME DUAL CANNON OWNS SHEETS OUT & GET IT TO AT LEAST LV9 ASAP! Requirement for lv9 EDC is 75/168 ~.~ I am kinda lazy to learn acid trap to test the damage over time but people said it stacks. btw, in my opinion, it still sucks even if it stacks because the dps simply suck. Btw, spirit intension, our very first party exclusive skill, CAN BE CASTED WHEN YOUR PARTY MEMBER IS NOT NEARBY YOU.

For sword rank:
Just go to any weapon merchant, get a normal blade, then go to any instructor and learn all the sword skills you can. Now go to any monster and start spamming your flash draws and impact stabs. You'll be dealing like 5 damage on a same level mob and just keep spamming. You'll get to apprentice very soon. serious =.=" Get dash at apprentice (duh, isn't that what you want?) and max it. At lv50, when you can go to port lux, you can also choose to get the Change Force upgrade skill (magic to sword) which i will advise you to learn once yr sword rank gets to expert'ish. Because spamming with yr sword is f**king slow.

For upgrade skills,
Vitality Mastery
Reflex or Defensive Sense
Force Control
Sixth Sense
Ruling Force
Damage Absorb


Magic Arrow: Lv9
Burning Hand: Lv9
Freeze: Lv9
^the above skills are for skill leveling, you may choose other novice skills.
Regeneration: Lv4
Weaken: Lv20
Terra Lance: Lv20
Fire Lance: Lv20
Hardness: Lv20
Stone Cannon: Lv20
Fire Cannon: Lv20
Energy Field: Lv18/19 (up to you but not 20, cooldown too long)
Force Increase: Lv20
Blink: Lv9
Hailstorm: i got this one to Lv20 recently, up to you to learn it.
Arctic Field: Lv12/15 (higher than 15 has retarded cooldown)
Extreme Dual Cannon: Lv9/12 (12 recommended)
Max all other buffs not mentioned above.
the remaining slots may be for skills like acid trap, chain explosion, etc. IMO it's pointless tho.

Mini SKILL Guide for WI - Written By Vodka - Contributed By LegionK