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Force Blader 1

Written by Eli
Friday, 03 August 2007
Just writing this cos i never actually written one before. This is based on what I've talked to other FBs about no more no less.

Stats - Fbs have to have level stats (up to lvl 100 their pretty much equal). after talking with both FBs - str and dex i think dex ones are better (more rounded att/def). to be able to wear +7 armour and weapons then - try this
Str - 227
Int - 227
Dex - the rest (at lvl 123 i have 575 dex)

Skills - generally use magic cannons til you hit sword in master +. best ones are stone, aqua wind and lightening to use in Force Enchanter (give the strongest one) so all those at level 20. all buffs and debuffs also best at level 20 (four buffs i use are wind movement, earth guard, lightening blade and aqua vitality. these give around +620 hit rate, +320 defense rate, +29 defense, +49 attack, +100 hp and mp (with +6 regen every 2 secs).

For combos I use 4 skills in pve;
infernal impact (lvl 9)
dance of ruin (lvl 20)
infernal stigma (lvl 18)
force impact (lvl 15)

these give me a perfect combo. all else i stuck at lvl 20 cos meh what the hell. i use force impact, infernal stigma and force impact as well as abyssal crystal in pvp - 3 strongest attacks plus at these lvls will fit in a combo)

and of course max out fade step and dash - v useful

Upgrade skills; by dual trans max out
Vitality Mastery
Defense Sense
Offense Sense
Sixth Sense
Impact Control
Damage Absorb

I did have the g master level hit rate one but gave it up for defensive sense lol

Equip go for +HP, +critical rate/ damage, defense and attack. Random upgrades are the devil ^^

As always, need any help i talk a lot so feel free to add/ change anything


Force Blader 1 - Written By Eli - Contributed By nif90