Cabal SEA - Dungeon Guide - Ruina Station

Ruina Station - Level 85

What do I need? (Requirements)

Being Level 85
Have a Muster Card: Ruina Station in your inventory
Have 30 minutes free to kill without resting, that's the time that the dungeon lasts.

Where's the entrance?

Ruina Station Guide - Step by Step:

1. Once you enter, head forward and skip all the monsters until you arrive to Invader Mecha Ape T-2. With all the monsters surrounding you, kill them.

2. Once you kill the boss, head by the new way and look for Invader Mecha Ape T-B. Kill it and a new way will open.

3. Advance by the new way carefully until you find Invader Excavator-R2 and kill it, if you're low level maybe you've got to use one or two Battle Auras.

4. After killing R2D2 (xD!), advance over the bridge, keep on the only way to until you find Mecha Buffalo+, try to extract it from the chamber without breaking the sticks that there are in the room, breaking these sticks can make appear more Mecha Buffalos. After killing Mecha Buffalo+ the door will close, and you'll have to enter by the portal and kill Mecha Bear.
NOTE: Get sure you're in a corner with your friends to avoid killing the sticks, if you're low level you'll have problems if you break them

5. After killing the Mecha Bear, go forward the way and you'll find Controller YS

6. Once you kill the Controller, a giant Mecha Spider will appear, kill it

7. After killing the 1st Mecha Spider, a lot of Auto-Cannons will appear, get rid of them and the 2nd Mecha Spider will appear, once you kill it a lot of Controller CY will appear, you'll have to kill some to make the Electric Birds dissapear because they're invinceble invincibles, get rid of them, if you don't kill the Controller CYs the 3rd Spider will appear anyways and once you kill the Giant Spider, you'll get the oportunity to break the final chest and end the dungeon: Ruina Station.

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