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FB is a an all-round balanced character with decent stats, good in both PvE (Player versus Environment/Monsters) and PvP (Player vs Player). No doubt that FBs have the best looking gears/equipments and skill animations + some Devil May Cry kind of style in them which is too cool to resist.

Also, due to FBs skill distribution which goes to all STR, INT and DEX, enable them to wear all type of equipments (Amourset, Battleset, Martialset) according to your needs (eg. armourset for more def, martial for more def rate, battleset for better looking and balance def+def rate)

However being a hybrid class, FB's stats distribution made them a weak melee class character compare to Warriors and Bladers because of their low base attack and base defense. But with a good combination of gears/equipments, FBs can really pawn hard.

Stats distribution:

Force Blader
Per Level 2.5HP 1.5MP
Attack 0.23 0.1 0.23
Magic Attack 0.1 0.3 0.25
Defense 0.125 0.1 0.125
Hit Rate 0.4 0.4 1.75
Defense Rate0.1 0.1 1

As you can see DEX and STR both give the same att and def, but DEX gives more hit rate and def rate, hence most of FB stat points shall be invested on DEX. But, in order to be able to wear osmium armourset (more def) and blades/crystals(more attack), FBs should follow Force Shielders stats which is quite similar to FBs' (For STR and INT). However this does not apply to all FBs, it depends on players' style. As for all the extra stat points or the rest of the points after you put in str and int for your set, shall all go into DEX.


As stated, FBs can wear anything from martial to battle to armours except those class specifics like mythril, terragrace or shadowtitaniums. That all depends on players' style, on how they want their FB to be. But to simplify things, FBs' gears should be focusing on 1. Critical rate 2. Critical damage 3. Sword amp. Since FBs have relatively low base attack, FBs don't do much damage from amp gears. Plus, with Lightning Blade Buff skill, FBs can really crit well.

The only parts you can fit crit rate/dmg on are helm, weapons and rings. So consider using deathblow helms (+crit rate) and slot crit damage, blades/katanas/crystal/orbs slotted with +crit rate/dmg, 1 ring of luck+2 (+crit rate) and 1 ring of fighter +7/8/9/10.

The rest components like suit, gloves, boots should go sword amp if possible. Remember that parts that you can fit +HP on are only suits and boots, so the best is go for double slotted gears (eg. 1 slot +HP, 1 slot +amp), crafted or slot extended gears are much better of course due to bonus slot effects (provided if you have slot extenders).

As for amulet, consider Amulet of Battler (+HP +MP) or Amulet of Guard (+def +def rate) or Amulet of Pain (+ max crit rate), depends. For bracelets, Bracelet of Figther (+att +sword amp +min dmg, etc) is your best bet and for earrings, use Earring of Guard or Vital Earring.

That only applies to general FB equips. FB gears need to vary according to levels and situations (eg. against different classes or dungeons), so you should know for yourself what to put on accordingly. For better PvP performance, try focus on Crit Rate/Dmg, Amp and HP.

For PvE, you can consider switching into HP steal gears to survive longer with minimum potion usage. For example, use 1 life absorb ring (1 is already enough) and the rest parts go for +max HP steal (eg. vampiric amulet, vampiric earrings, etc) to increase your lifesteal limit. Crit rate/dmg, amp + plenty of def/def rate gears also do fine in PvE, lifesteal is just an alternative (once again, it depends on players' style)


Although FBs don't do much damage, their skills have additional effects such as lower enemy's defense, attack, and deal damage overtime (which is really useful).

Generally, skills that are worth keeping in high levels are:
Sword: Infernal Impact (lvl9 or 12) , Force Impact (lvl18 or 20), Abyssal Crystal, Infernal Stigma, Round Cut , Force Assault, Dance of Ruin, Force Slash (all lvl20), dash and fade step.

Magic: Enervation, Lightning Canon, Wind Canon, Aqua Canon, Stone Canon, Lightning Blade, Aqua Vitality, Lower Defense, Wind Movement, Blind, Earth Guard (all lvl20)

Upgrade: Vitality Mastery, Offensive Sense, Defensive Sense, Impact Control, Damage Absorb and Sixth Sense

For PvP, FB's greatest advantage is that they can stack Damage Over Time, which skills are Infernal Impact, Force Assault and Force Slash. These skills if used consecutively can do quite a damage, given that Force Assault (62 DOT @ lvl20), Force Slash (62 DOT @ lvl20) and Infernal Impact (39 DOT @ lvl9), which means you can deal an additional of approximately 163 (should be less) for every 2 seconds over 8 seconds = woot!. Continue with skills like Dance of Ruin and Abyssal Crystal then end your combo with Force Impact or Infernal Impact (if you can handle the cool time). Use fast casting time skills to deal more dps (damage per second) and avoid using long cast time skills like Infernal Stigma and Force Impact in the middle of your combo, they often get you killed before you can cast other skills.

As for PvE, Infernal Stigma is your best friend, as its the only stun skill you have, besides those knock down skills like Dance of Ruin. My combo is Stigma>Dance>Infernal Impact>Crystal>Round Cut and sometimes replace round cut with Force Impact, when i need more aoe. But most of the time I don't use Force Impact since round cut+crystal deals more dps.

Battle Modes:

Ultimately, FB has one of the best BM1 but also one of the worst BM2. Basically in BM1, all you have to do is to cast magic canons to buff yourself, like aqua canon for aqua vitality effect (+HP +MP +regen), stone canon for earth guard effect (+def), wind canon for wind movement effect (+hit/def rate) and lightning canon for lightning blade effect (+att +crit rate/dmg). After casting these 4 canons, you'll have all the buffs and your stats will be ridiculously high like your HP going more than 3000, def going near 1000 and so and so... depends on your canons lvl though. Other magic skills are useless in BM1, so just stick with those 4 and bust your way with sword skills.

For BM2, you got sytle, you got cool skill animes. In BM2, you can cast a huge + cool AOE skill and you get to shoot lasers using magic canons. You can charge up to 3 stages in BM2, which is by using sword skills, so basically 1 sword skill for 1 additional laser for up to 3 lasers, then release the lasers using any magic canon. However you are limited to use only certain sword skills in BM2, which does not include stigma and etc... but you can still cast Infernal Impact though.

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