Cabal SEA - Misc Guide - Hidden Helper T Quest

This guide was not written by me.
This is just a copy of a guide written by moomoo in CABAL Europe.
Here is the original guide,

Hidden Helper T Quests are quests available in "Normal Quest" tree on the "Quest List" panel. There is a total of 81 Quests available, numbered 001 to 049 and 051 to 082.

There are certain requirements for each of the quests to be met before aquiring them. Each quest has certain character level requirement and character class rank requirement (achieved upon completion of growth level quest). Without the class rank met - the quest will not appear on the available quest list in game. As an example - the first quest requires character level 36 and character class 3, so a level 45 character, with character class rank 2 will have no access to it.

There are 12 quests, which, in addition require an item to present in inventory. Those are "Dungeon Training" quests, which require a D.T. Card corresponding to the quest in inventory, for the quest to appear. If you have a card in your inventory, for which you have not yet completed Hidden Helper T Quest, re-log with the DT Card in inventory or move to warp zone or another town and the quest should appear.

Here is the list, consisting of quest number, level requirements, amount of monsters to kill or messages to get, locations where the monsters for the quest are located, monster's name, indication whether the quest is a killtask or a message gathering task, and of course rewards for completing each the quest.

*UPDATE: 13.03.2008:
FIXED - Reduced image width so the image is more readable without having to "resize" it.
FIXED - Corrected numerous errors
FIXED - Information is current (checked numerous entries to see if anything changed in Cabal version 1232)
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Again, credit goes to moomoo.

Hidden Helper T Quest - Written By moomoo - Contributed By Fritsc